Need abrasives on the Gold Coast?

Abrasives are an integral part of the body shop’s work. All the way from the preparation stage to the perfect finish, abrasives are an important part of the process.

Economy Paint Supplies on the Gold Coast understands that there are many applications for abrasives and many different technologies to cater for, and their product knowledge is second to none.

We have abrasives for, but not limited to the following uses; grinding, polishing, cutting, drilling, sharpening, lapping and sanding, to name a few.

Some of the most commonly used abrasives are sandpaper, grinding wheel, belt sander and a disk sander.


One of the most commonly used abrasive is sandpaper, however there is not one piece of sandpaper that suits all. Depending on your needs, we can direct you to the best sandpaper for your application.

Grinding wheel

Economy Paint Supplies carries a vast range of grinding wheels that can be used in the removal of rust, correcting scratches, eradicating heat marks, removing excess solder and polishing.

What grinding wheel is best for your needs? Not sure? Ask Craig and the team at Economy Paint Supplies.

Belt Sander

Our range of belt sanders can assist you in neatening up those small spaces and rough corners. A belt sander is a great tool for tidying up and providing a seamless finish.

Disk Sander

Our range of disk sanders are perfect for a range of jobs, we can also advise the best sand paper for the project you are working on.



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Call 07 5529 1522
or Email us for your customised quote