Do you have any questions on paint supplies on the Gold Coast?

Craig and the team are happy to assist you with any of your queries but for your convenience we’ve collated a few of our most commonly asked questions

If you have any further questions on our automotive paint, marine paint, industrial paint and/or our epoxy flooring, why not call us or pop into the workshop.

Do you have many colours in stock

We will always be able to colour match any car, make and model. Our computer perfectly matches the colour of your car using a paint code, and your paint can be made instantly.

What is the best for a DIY home paint for my car, acrylic or two pack?

Acrylic is the most popular choice for home DIY spray paint jobs because it’s easy to use. To use Two Pack you must have a well ventilated area that is suitable for the job as the paint and hardeners can be hazardous to health, so many people opt for the acrylic option which produces a nice shiny result.

What sandpaper should I use before I apply a body filler?

It’s important to use the right paper for the intended purpose, and with so many options on the market it’s easy to get confused. Come in and talk to Craig and the team, we can assist you in finding the best sandpaper for your project.